Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sportsman's Expo

So far in 2012, the hunting has been limited to metal detecting.  But, since we have had the mildest winter in recent history, Hunter Man has gone metal detecting A LOT!  Every day after work, if he hasn't come home by 5:00 or so, I know he has gone metal detecting.  Finding a wheat-backed penny or an old watch just makes his day. 

Hunting applications have been turned in.  The state of Utah changed all of the hunting areas and rules, which made studying and determining where to apply to hunt and who to have in each party of 4 took a lot of his spare time.  Now, he just has to wait until the end of April (I think) to find out if they drew out for deer hunting and where they get to go. 

And the much anticipated Sportsman's Outdoor Expo was this weekend.  Hunter Man was so excited to attend this.  He asked both of our sons and our son-in-law to go with him weeks in advance.  He couldn’t wait to take our grandson and help him catch a fish.  I loved that our son, Jer wanted to go to breakfast with his Dad before the Expo. 

I used to go the expos with Hunter Man when our youngest son enjoyed going.  He would collect as many business cards and candy and jerky samples as he could.  And then, he would climb the rock wall.  He used to have fun, but as soon as he didn't like to go anymore, then I stopped going, too.  I felt like I was seeing the exact same thing year after year. 

My contribution to this exciting event ws to give Hunter Man some of my saved up money.  I told him that I wanted him to give me five times as much money back so that I could go to the Scrapbooking Expo next weekend!  I hope he comes through with that!

Our 15 year old son, Ty, decided to go, too!  He doesn’t want anything to do with hunting or fishing at this point in his life.  But, he did have two incentives to make him get out of bed early on a Saturday morning-—breakfast (the meal that he will gladly eat any time of day) and being able to spend time with his nephew (who is one of the only family members that he is always happy to be with). 

Hunter Man said that they had a good time.  Ty came home looking like he had just had all of his fingernails pulled out one by one!  Just kidding.  Not quite that bad!

These are some of the pictures that Hunter Man took at the Expo.

Is fishing fun, Papa?

Fishing is a lot of fun, Bridge!
Caught one!
Now this is fun!
He got his face painted!
Shooting a BB gun.
Funny Face!
Cute boy with his awesome DAD

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