Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Twice a year, there is a two-day event that I really look forward to—the Scrapbook Expo.  

Two days of being with friends, shopping, scrapbooking, eating, and escaping from the reality of life. 

In the last few years, the craziness of life has made it so that usually, I only get to go for one day. But, I am happy just to be able to get away for as much time as I can.

This year, I only went for about 6 hours. It was fun, but it wasn’t long enough! The first thing I did when I got there was try to find a table for me, Maureen, Paige, and Brittany to sit at.  Sometimes it can be really hard to find a table there.  I had to make sure that we had a place to sit, talk, eat, and maybe scrapbook.

The second thing that I did was go to the booth that sells Bundt cakes to see if I could get a sample of their wonderful chocolate, chocolate chip cake. I was really hungry and felt disappointed that they weren’t giving out any samples.  Usually, if I walk by their booth often enough I have so many samples that feel like I had a piece of cake!

I felt much happier when Paige and Brit arrived.  They brought  dinner!  We each had our own favorite from Café Rio. I love their Sweet Pork Enchiladas with Hot Sauce and I am always so stuffed by the time I eat two enchiladas. I should just quit after I eat about 1 1/2, but I love them so much that I eat every bite. 

I was REALLY full, but I still spent the rest of the night wishing that I had a piece of chocolate Bundt cake. I could have purchased an individual sized Bundt cake just for myself, but I probably would have eaten the whole thing and then I would have just been miserable!

Ever since that night, I have been craving Bundt cake.

And then, I was lucky to be able to have some on Sunday when we had a birthday party for Hunter Man’s grandmother. She is 93 years old! We just love her. She is so funny and is as healthy and feisty as ever. She enjoyed having all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to spend the afternoon and evening with her.

When my niece walked in with a beautiful Bundt cake for Grandma, I was excited.  First, we had really great food. Then, the little kids got to have an Easter Egg hunt. And finally, we had birthday Bundt cake and ice cream! It was funny that the cake was a Neapolitan Bundt cake because I happened to buy Neapolitan ice cream.  It was yummy. But, the craving for chocolate, chocolate chip Bundt cake did not go away.

Today, I searched on the internet for a copycat Bundt cake recipe.  I found one! I had all of the ingredients that it called for in the pantry except mini chocolate chips and also cream cheese for the frosting. So, I put regular sized chocolate chips in it and I made butter cream frosting. I used a Chocolate Fudge cake mix.  Other than that, I made it just like the recipe and it was absolutely fantastically delicious! I ate one piece and then had to have another small one just because it was so great. If you want to make the cake, go to this link:

My cake does not look as beautiful as theirs.  I am sure the cream cheese frosting sticks to the cake better.  My frosting kind of dripped and I put it on the cake with a Ziploc bag, but aesthetics aside, it still tasted so yummy.

I really shouldn't have wasted time making a cake today because I had tons of office work that I had to do and tons of laundry that needed to be washed.  But, sometimes, a girl just has to do one or two things that will lower the stress level

I needed to do that.  I have been very busy trying to get our personal and business tax information compiled to take to the accountant since time is running out and I have been letting a lot of things like laundry and housework slide.

So today, in between baking and number-crunching, I had gotten almost everything washed except one great big pile of dirty towels. The clean towels were on the floor right next to the stairs, waiting to be folded and the dirty towels were stacked up right around the corner. 

Miraculously, I actually convinced Ty to help me with one thing—fold and put away the towels. I told him to fold the towels that were at the bottom of the stairs.  I couldn’t believe that he really agreed to help.  Ty exists on his own planet. He rarely does anything that does not revolve around himself or anything that he wants to do.  It was weird that he agreed to help. 

Later, I noticed that ALL of the towels were gone. I asked him what happened to the pile of dirty towels and he said, “What dirty towels? There were two piles of towels and I folded all of them and put them away.”

Oh no! For the first time in his life he goes above and beyond what he is supposed to do and then ends up folding dirty towels!  I have no idea how he didn't notice that one pile was a lot damper and stinkier than the other pile, but at least he tried! 

I really did appreciate the effort.  I may never see that kind of effort again.  He says that was his last time folding towels.  Rats. 

I washed and re-washed all of the towels just to make sure that I don’t find a dirty one when I least expect it!

Just what I needed to help me not get too stressed out or go crazy--some fun stuff, some laughter, and some cake! 

For one day, at least.

(I know, I hardly have time to be blogging--but it is 12:30 a.m., so I am using my sleeping time, not my working time!)

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