Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Our oldest child, Jer is amazing, smart, talented, wise, handsome, hard-working, and did I say, amazing?  

Becoming his mom was right up there with the best things that have ever happened to me.  He was a great baby and I loved every minute of being a new mother to him.  Every single thing that he did was remarkable to me and I just knew he was the smartest baby ever born.   When his little sister came along, he was the best big brother that a baby girl could ask for.  He was a good helper and he never stopped finding fun in everything that he did and he was always so happy.   

I remember when he started kindergarten. I just did not want to let him go even though I tried to make him believe that starting school was going to be exciting.  I didn't want him to grow up so fast.  On his first day, after he got on the bus, I panicked because I didn't tell the bus driver to take him to the public school, not the Catholic school in our little town of Smithton, Illinois (where the school bus picked up kids for both schools, although I think the bus driver might have been able to figure it out by who was wearing uniforms and who wasn't)!  Then, I cried because I forgot to put a napkin in his lunch box.  I think I really was so emotional because I missed him already.  

He was so smart that everything in school seemed to come easily to him.  During his last two years of high school, not only did he finish his coursework and get good grades, he was in the electrical apprenticeship program at Salt Lake Community College and worked after school for our contracting business.

After he graduated from high school, he only had two years left to work toward his Journeyman Electrical certificate and license.  He continued to work and also got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend who is now my favorite daughter-in-law!  Tass is a fantastic wife and mother and is very devoted to her family. 

Jer eventually evolved our electrical business into a subsidiary field that has become his specialty.  We now have two divisions and his –called All Metro Tech—is very successful and he does a great job running it. 

He can do anything that you would want to have done on your home or business that involves technology, audio/video, lighting control, home automation….you name it.  He is highly sought after and his clients all give him great reviews.  He makes sure that every project that he works on his done in the most high quality way that it can be done.  I am very proud of his work ethic and integrity. 

Here is his website:     http://allmetrotech.com/

Being in business together is hard, though and at times takes a bit of a toll on family relationships.  Sometimes it is hard to keep business separate from real life when you each have different expectations.  We always get past it though and it makes me happy to see father and son doing non-business things together—and wish that family side of our life was stronger so that we could have more together time with each other.  I love just being able to be around him having fun and I look forward to every opportunity that comes along. 

He is a great dad.  A few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, he gave a talk in church about being a father.  It was fabulous and made me glad that I get to be his mom and so pleased with the man he has become.  He really is a terrific dad, husband, and son.

I enjoy watching him interact with his kids.  They love him so much and just yearn for every bit of attention that he gives them because he is such a fun dad.  

He is always looking for ways to make his kids and his wife happy.  He puts them first and works so hard to make sure they have everything they need.  

He spends a lot of time helping his children learn new things and gives them so much encouragement and support.

I love him to pieces and could not fill this blog with enough words to express my gratitude for such a great son.

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