Thursday, June 16, 2016

Redneck Pool

I came across a snap side swimming pool that had probably been in a box for about 10 years, but never used.

I thought it would be great for my grandkids to play in this summer.  We were babysitting for the weekend and luckily, it was hot enough to swim in the yard.

We had a TERRIBLE time getting the sides of the pool to stay up!  We would get one side to stand up and it would seem like the water was going to hold it up while we held up another side and just as soon as we moved, the first side would start falling down.

But, my grandsons and I persevered and we thought we had it.  The pool was full, but the water was cold, so we hoped by the next day, the water would be warmer.  Then, overnight, the sides fell down and the water drained out.

The next day, we tried to fill it up again and had the same problems.

As I was looking around trying to figure out what to do to keep the sides from falling down, I saw 3 plastic garbage cans on the driveway that my husband uses for recycled items and I thought that I could put them in the pool and put rocks in the bottoms of them to keep them in place.  Then, the cans could hold up the sides of the pool.  It worked!  We did find that we also had to put water in the cans to keep them from floating, but we were finally able to fill the pool all the way up and the boys had fun!

I was pretty proud of my Redneck pool!

This looks like it is not going to turn out well for Brex!

They had a lot of fun!

While I am patting myself on the back for my ingenuity--did you know that a 12 x 12 parachute makes a great fort?  I had ordered one when it was on sale on Amazon and thought it would be fun to play with, but then when the boys wanted to build a fort to sleep in, I thought of using the parachute!
Usually, we set chairs up in a circle and put blankets over them and then the inner area of the fort is not very big.  But, with the parachute hooked to two bar stools in the front and to two chairs that were standing up on the coffee table in the back, we had a great fort for a sleepover!

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