Friday, November 25, 2011


Today was Black Friday.  I looked through the ads last night and saw something that I wanted to get for a family member for Christmas.  It was at the local sporting goods store.  I told Hunter Man that if we were going to get that particular present, he would have to get up early to go the 5 hour sale and get it for me.

He was more than happy for an excuse to go to the sporting goods store.  Of course it was lucky for him that the fly fishing waders that he has been wanting for quite awhile were on sale too.  I told him that he could get them for himself for Christmas if he wanted to.  Saves me some shopping and some worry about what to get him, even though that is not what I even had in mind for him.

Now that’s my kind of Black Friday shopping.  He gets up early, stands in line in the cold, fights the crowds, and I sleep until 10:30! 

Although, please don’t tell the Hunter Man this, but, I get nervous when he goes shopping at the sporting goods store at this time of the year.  There are several occasions that might make him want to buy me a present:  first it is my birthday, then our anniversary, and then Christmas.  I hate to admit it but, many, many of his gifts to me have been purchased at the sporting goods store.  Itchy wool slippers, fleece jackets and pullovers, shirts with deer on them, sweaters, leather slippers, etc.  I will admit that I did like the sweater and I do wear the shirt with the deer on it occasionally.  But, usually, I just smile and act like I love the gift and hope that it is too big or too small so that I can take it back!

He says, “I have the hardest time shopping for you.  I just don’t ever know what you would like.”

I know it’s the thought that counts and I do love and appreciate him for all that he does, but I always think to myself, “Your first clue would be to shop somewhere besides Cabela’s, Sports Authority, or Sportsman’s Warehouse!”

So, when I gave him some money for Black Friday today, I specifically said, “Don’t buy ANYTHING else!”

I think that it worked today, but who knows what he will do when Christmas Eve rolls around and it is crunch time! 

The suspense will be killing me!

Christmas is coming soon.

But for now--Happy Black Friday!


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